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                                                                       Must be at least 18 years old
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As one of the most comprehensive and experienced driving schools in the Richmond, VA area! You are in good hands with our school. Our students receive a detailed presentation of the basics of Escort Driver (Pilot Car) operations. You will be provided with a professionally bound Escort Manual and Virginia Driver’s Manual for future reference in the field when questions arise.

Our teachers provide instruction to hundreds of students each year, with over 99% of our students passing their DMV test on the first try. We have many out-of-state students and try to schedule the class early so that they can make it to DMV before closing so they can take the test while the information is still fresh in their minds. We value creating an informative, safe, courteous, patient, clean, and communicative environment that fosters the maximum amount of learning each session.

Please also review our free instructional materials for basic to advanced information on driving and preparations for the knowledge  test .  Our students are equipped with the knowledge  required to be collision-free and ticket-free in their driving.

Escort Training Richmond VA


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Escort Vehicle Registration – Next scheduled class CALL 804-920-3699!   Thursday, February 22nd, 2024,  8:00 am, @ 4631 New Kent Highway, Quinton, VA (Head in the Clouds Music)

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    Aadvanced Driving Schools Richmond VA Real Customer Testimonials

    My schedule is extremely hectic, and so I have to use every second wisely. I chose Aadvanced Driving School because they have locations in both New Kent (where I live) and Richmond (a quick 30-minute drive). I was expecting them to have strict hours for driver’s ed, like most other driving schools. However, they worked around my schedule and when it was convenient for me. Kevin and Maureen were fun and comfortable to be around and created a safe atmosphere for me. My parents both work, which made it practically impossible to go to any other driving school, yet Kevin (the driving instructor) took the time to drive me back to my house. I expected the process to be impersonal and frightening, however that preconception could not be further from the truth!
    Katrina CNew Kent County
    The best price in Richmond….The fastest class enrollment…..the most down to earth and friendly-family comprised staff…Thank you Maureen and Kevin
    John WidrigRichmond, VA
    Since 2011, Kevan Chisenhall and the staff at Aadvanced Driving School have worked with our LIFE students (aged 14-18) at the Virginia Rehabilitation Center for the Blind and Vision Impaired. Our students receive exactly what they need from Kevan, personalized one-on-one attention covering an overview of skills their sighted counterparts receive in traditional driver’s education classes; which often blind high school students are not participating in. Aadvanced Driving School has enabled us at the VRCBVI to execute a program that is helping to change what it means to be blind in Richmond and the state of Virginia, thank you.
    Daniel AshmanActivities and Special Projects CoordinatorVirginia Rehabilitation Center for the Blind and Vision ImpairedRichmond, VA
    Kevin was awesome, he had patients with my daughter, an she liked him because he was calm an explained things an took time to teach. if you have a teenager or adult that needs driving school, you go with Kevin!
    Patricia WalkerRichmond, VA
    Thank you Kevin. He was so professional and understanding. My son has so much respect for him. I recommend this Richmond driving school to anyone who is interested or have a teenager who wants to drive.
    Kim HolmesNew Kent County
    I have experienced a lot of the driving schools in the Richmond, VA Metro area. I can honestly say that Kevin is one of the most caring and dedicated teachers in the area. Kevin genuinely wants his students to emerge with the skills that will enable them to do well on the road. He goes above and beyond to teach new drivers. I am forever grateful to Aadvanced Driving School for getting me my license quickly without sacrificing quality in my lessons. This is a great school and I hope many more people allow Kevin to help them like he helped me. Aadvanced Driving School is a great place for new drivers to learn. I was very happy with my lessons. Thanks Kevin!!!
    Ciana YoungRichmond, VA
    Thank you Kevin for taking the time to work with me so I could prepare to pass my learners exam! I recommend Kevin to anyone that needs to get their learners or license he is a really great person and very understanding he will make sure you know everything you need to so you can pass your tests! Make AAdvance Driving School Richmond, VA your school of choice!
    Amanda Michelle TaylorRichmond, VA